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Terms and Conditions

Please read these conditions carefully

The General Conditions of Use, Conditions of sale and our Privacy Policy govern the use of the website, "www.PlanetaHuerto.co.uk" which LABORATORIES PLANETA HUERTO S.L. owns.

LABORATORIES PLANETA HUERTO SL, (hereafter PLANETA HUERTO) is a Spanish company with limited liability registered in the street Doctor Pérez Mateo s / n, 03550, San Juan de Alicante (Alicante), Spain, in the province of Alicante, in the Volume 2085, Book 0, Folio 21, Section 8, Page 21 with registration or last notation on the 20/01/1998, with VAT number B53241998.

These Terms set out the rights and obligations of all users of PLANETA HUERTO, in relation to the products and services we offer through our website "www.PlanetaHuerto.co.uk" (hereafter the "Store").

1. User Obligations.

1.1 The User agrees, in general, to use the Store to purchase products and use each of the services of the shop diligently, in accordance with the law, morality, public order and the provisions of these General Conditions, and the user shall also refrain from using it in any way that may impede, damage or impair the normal functioning and enjoyment of the Shop by Users or that may harm or cause damage to the property and rights of PLANETA HUERTO, suppliers, users or in general any third party.

2. Products and Services.

2.1 PLANETA HUERTO reserves the right to decide about the Products that are offered to users through the Shop at all times. In particular, PLANETA HUERTO may at any time add new products to those offered or included in the Store, understanding that unless otherwise indicated, such new products shall be governed by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Also, PLANETA HUERTO reserves the right to stop providing or facilitating access and use at any time and without notice to any of the various types of products offered in the store.

2.2 The Products included in the Store shall match as accurate as possible the real product, with the help of online visualization. Except typing errors, the characteristics of the products and their prices appear in the Shop. The prices indicated in the Shop are in Pound Sterling and include VAT, unless otherwise indicated.

2.3 The seller agrees not to allow any transactions which are illegal, or are deemed damaging financial institutes in any way. The following activities are prohibited: the sale or supply of a product or service that is not in full compliance with all applicable laws concerning the purchaser, Issuing Bank, Merchant, Cardholder, or cards.

In addition, the following activities are explicitly prohibited also:

Sale of alcoholic beverages to minor persons <18 years old.

Selling prescription drugs illegally.

Sale or send cannabis seeds outside of Spain.

Sale of snuff.

3. Procedure and Payment of the Products.

3.1 Within a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours, PLANETA HUERTO will send an email to the user confirming the purchase. The email will assign a reference code of the purchase, and detailed product features, price, shipping costs and data of various options of payment of the products PLANETA HUERTO.

3.2 The user who purchases a product through the Store must carry out the payment through one of the options indicated in the Store.

3.3 PLANETA HUERTO files the electronic documents formalizing the contract, and sends a copy to the user once the purchase was made. The contract will be in Spanish language.

3.4 The order confirmation sent by PLANETA HUERTO is not valid as an invoice, it serves only as a proof of purchase. PLANETA HUERTO sends the invoice together with the product.

4. Return Policy.

All products purchased in "www.PlanetaHuerto.co.uk" may be returned and refunded through filling in this form, provided that you inform us about your intention to return the product purchased that the rest of the conditions set out in this paragraph are fulfilled.

In any case, PLANETA HUERTO takes care of the recollection of the products.

1. Return due to your own decision

If you want to return the items due to your own reasons (i.e. the item is neithe defective, damaged nor an incorrect item) we can accept your return within 30 days of delivery ( valid if in accordance with the Spanish law 3/2014 of the 27th of March, article 71 of trade regulation)

We will refund the value of the goods, as soon as the goods enter our warehouse in the same conditions as at the time of acceptance. The goods have to be packed in the same packaging. The client has to bear the expenses for the return transport which amount to :

  • Portugal: 4.95€
  • France: 5,95€
  • Germany, Italy : 6.95€
  • United Kingdom: 7,95£
    * The amount of return costs can vary in certain cases. If so, we will inform you within the process of return.

PLANETA HUERTO is obligated to refund the purchasing price within a maximum of 14 days from the date of delivery on, as rules the law 3/2014 of the 27th of March, article 71 of trade regulation.

2. Damaged products

If you would like to return a product due to a damage or break, we can accept returns or replacements within 30 days from the date of delivery. In any case, in accordance with the law 15/2009 of the 11th November, article 60, the purchaser has to inform us about his intention to return the product as soon as possible, i.e. if the damage is visible at the time of acceptance, it has to be stated on the delivery receipt, if the damage is detected when opening the package (i.e. not visible at time of acceptance), the customer has to contact us within 7 days after reception.

PLANETA HUERTO will request photos of the damage in order to claim the damage to the delivery company. The purchaser does not have to bear any costs.

3. Incorrect products

If you would like to return a product because it does not correspond to the product you ordered, we can accept returns or replacements within 30 days after reception. In any case, you have to inform us as soon as possible about the intention to return it. The purchaser does not have to bear any costs.

4. Products with incorrect or incomplete information

If you would like to return a product because it does not correspond to the information about it provided on our website, we can accept returns or replacements within 30 days after reception. In any case, you have to inform us as soon as possible about the intention to return it. The purchaser does not have to bear any costs.

5. Defective products

If you would like to return a product because it is defective, PLANETA HUERTO will take action either in form of reparation, substitution, reduction of price or cancellation of the contract, corresponding to the functions or conditions of the product. These actions do not mean any charges for the purchaser.

The purchaser has the right to withdraw the contract within 14 days after reception (if the product is defective). During these 14 days, the refund or substitution has to take place, in case of a request from the purchaser. After these 14 days, the purchaser can make use of the warranty offered by the provider. PLANETA HUERTO will correspond with the provider in case of defects occuring in the first 2 years after the purchase, except the provider offers a different period of warranty.

How is the refund carried out?

The refund is carried out through the same payment method at the time of the purchase, i.e. through the same PayPal account, the same credit card or by bank transfer onto an account which the purchaser has to name.

Exceptional cases:

1. Regarding clothes and underwear, the change of size is possible without any extra costs for the purchaser. This is only valid, if the clothes or underwear have not been used or worn and are in the same conditions as at the time of delivery. They have to be returned in the original packaging.

2. In the case that the purchaser does not accept the products, we will refund the price once it arrived at our warehouse in the same condition as at the time of delivery. PLANETA HUERTO reserve their rights to charge the purchaser the shipment costs of return.

3. Regarding the products of personal use, we cannot accept returns or change, as rules the law 3/2014 of the 27th of March, article 103.

5. Customer Service.

5.1 For any incident, claim or exercise of their rights, the User may send an email to the address help@planetahuerto.co.uk or call 442036955552

6. Home Delivery Service.

6.1 The geographical area of sales through the Store exclusively serves the territory of mainland Spain, the Balearics, mainland Portugal, Germany, Italy, France and United Kingdom. Products purchased through the store will be sent to the address indicated by the user once the payment is completed. The law sets a maximum delivery period of thirty (30) days.

6.2 The costs of shipping are not included in the price of the products. At the time of purchase of the product, the user will be informed of the exact costs of shipping.

7. Copy right and intellectual property.

7.1 The user acknowledges that all elements of the Store and of each of the products, information and materials contained therein, trademarks, structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of content, and computer programs used in relationship with them, are protected by intellectual and industrial property of PLANETA HUERTO or third parties, and that the General Conditions are written in accordance of the laws regulating intellectual property.

7.2 Unless authorized by PLANETA HUERTO or possibly by other owners of the corresponding rights, or unless it is legally permitted, the user may not reproduce, alter, modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, rent, lend, make available or allow public access through any form of public communication of any of the elements mentioned in the previous paragraph. The user must use the materials, elements and information that he accesses through the use of the shop only for their own use, agreeing not to make any direct or indirect commercial exploitation of materials, elements and information obtained through the same.

7.3 The user must not evade or manipulate any technical devices established by PLANETA HUERTO or third parties in the Store.

8. Data Protection.

8.1 In compliance with Law 15/99 Data Protection Act, we inform you that your personal data and other information provided by the registration form, as well as from transactions, will be gathered and saved in a file of PLANETA HUERTO, as long as the user does not issue the deletion of them. The data will only be used for the purchase, the personalized customer service and the improvement as well as the promotion of proprietary products and services of PLANETA HUERTO and other companies linked to PLANETA HUERTO. Furthermore we inform you that PLANETA HUERTO and third parties will treat this data with the utmost confidentiality being the sole and exclusive recipient thereof, and not making assignments or communications to third parties outside those indicated by current legislation. The user explicitly authorizes PLANETA HUERTO to send, including through electronic means, advertisement and promotional offers.

8.2 The User may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition or cancellation by contacting PLANETA HUERTO (C / Doctor Jimenez Diaz, 6. San Juan de Alicante, 03550) or by e-mail to help@planetahuerto.co.uk, attaching a copy of his or her ID or another valid identity document.

8.3. The answers marked with * in the registration form are mandatory. If you do not fill all in, this will prohibit you to make a purchase.

9. Passwords.

9.1 PLANETA HUERTO facilitates the use of personal passwords to the user to register on the website. These passwords will allow the access to the services provided on the website. The user must keep the passwords in strict and absolute confidentiality, and is therefore responsable for any damages or consequences arising from the reveal of the password. For security reasons, the password telematic services linked to the Website may be modified at any time by the user. The User agrees to notify PLANETA HUERTO immediately of any unauthorized use of his password and access by unauthorized parties to it.

10. Cookies.

10.1 PLANETA HUERTO uses cookies to improve their services, simplify navigation, maintain security, verify user identity, facilitate access to personal preferences and monitoring the use of the Store. Cookies are installed on the computer hard drive or in the browser memory in the folder configured by the operating system of the computer of the user to identify files.

10.2 If the user does not want cookies to be installed on the hard drive, the settings of the Internet browser software have to be to changed in order to not receive them. Similarly, the User may freely delete cookies. If the user decides to disable cookies, quality and speed of service can reduce and even access to some of the services offered in the shop can be lost.

11. Confianza Online.

The parties accept that conflicts will be resolved at court of the user’s domicile. Also, as an entity registered at CONFIANZA ONLINE and under the terms of its Code of Ethics, in case of disputes relating to recruitment and online advertising, data protection and protection of minors, the user can go to CONFIANZA ONLINE (www.confianzaonline.es) to express a concern.

12. Comments and suggestions.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please send all feedback or suggestions to our mail help@planetahuerto.co.uk .